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About Me

    Hi, my name is Marty and I'm glad that you elected to visit this web site and hope that you enjoy your visit.

    This is my second attempt constructing a web page and I tried to make this site as painless for you as possible.  I hope you agree.  This web site is constantly being updated, so check back often.

    I've been married to an understanding wife for 35 years.  She was instrumental with the creation of the Madison Railroad and supported my every move with the layout from the beginning of its construction. She never once complained or hindered me with the development of the layout.   We have three wonderful children who are now out on their own.

    I recently retired from teaching "Aviation Maintenance Technology" in the New York City public school system for 30 years at the high school level.  I'm proud to say that most of my former students are now employed as licensed "Aircraft Maintenance Technicians" throughout the world.  

    I reside on the beautiful South Shore of Long Island, New York where the sun and salt water surf baths the clean sands of the beaches.

    Fire Island Lighthouse

    My interests in photography caused me to become involved with model railroading with the creation of my first photo module.  Whenever a scene came to mind, I would purchase the required kits and construct them as "Photo Props."  With these I learned how to create models that looked reasonably well, which later proved to be an asset with the construction of the layout. See Photography

    Exchange Cars!

    In the past I exchanged cars with a few other modelers.  This aspect of the hobby is another discipline that makes the hobby interesting.  See Car Exchange   

    Interchange Cars!      

    I belong to a group who interchange cars with one another while using the "CCFS" program to generate waybills to depict what the prototype railroads do. See Interchange.

    Prototype Pictures!

    To see some of the prototype pictures that I took click here.

    Model High Rise Buildings!

    To learn how I made "High Rise Buildings" from kits click here.


    My other interests aside from photography and model railroading are: Aviation Technology, Gardening, Tropical and Pond Fish,  Fresh and Salt Water Fishing, Reading and Meeting People.

    My wife and I adopted two cats from the shelter.  Both cats were about five months old when the below picture was taken.  It's nice that they allow us to reside in the house with them.

    Here are Misty and Casey is the one with his eyes closed.  They are frequently together and often observed frolicking with one another. Misty is the subtle one while she almost never gets into trouble.  However, Casey is the complete opposite and has a high curiosity instinct which causes him to get into mischief.  Because of Casey's curious nature, he's prevented from going anywhere near the layout.

    Casey managed to find a comfortable place on my clean shirts.  I think he would love to bat my models around if he was ever able to gain access to the layout?  

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