Madison Railroad

"Car Exchange"

In the past I exchanged cars with a few other modelers. This aspect is another discipline in the hobby that makes the hobby interesting.  The following are pictures of the "Private Road Named" cars that I received from others in a car exchange.  They received a Madison Railroad car in exchange for one of theirs.  All of these cars are used during operating sessions when selected by the CCFS program.  However, I will not alter these cars, nor will I weather the cars. These cars are special and will remain as received.

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This 40 foot boxcar comes from the CE&W RR now located in Peoria, AZ.


This double door boxcar comes from Eugene, OR.


The Mines RR is located in Ohio.


The Mohawk Salem & Kenningston RR is located in Staten Island, NY.


The Poughkeepsie, Ridgewood & Western RR is located in Wantagh, NY.


This 40 foot reefer comes from the SC&T RR located in San Ramon, CA.


This 40 foot Magma Line boxcar comes from Big Bear City, CA



The Washigami & Northland RR is located in Edmundston, Canada.


Car Exchange 

More pictures will be added as cars are exchanged. 

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