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"Interchange Cars"

I'm involved with a group of modelers throughout the nation and abroad who interchange freight cars with one another using the "CCFS" computer program to design waybills.  Cars are sent to member layouts at various times in a round robin affair using the postal service.  These cars are delivered to the computer selected industry on our layouts just like the prototypes do with freight cars that travel from one point to another.

Once on our layouts, the cars are delivered to the industry and used on our layouts as required. Later they are programmed to be sent to another railroad loaded with imaginary freight destined to a particular industry.

One requirement for membership is to take pictures of the visiting car and to send the pictures to the owner of the car.  The other requirement is to have fun with the car while on our layouts.  The computer will generate a waybill to ship the car to the next railroad in the chain.

Below are pictures of the "Private Road Named Cars" that visited the Madison Railroad.  All of these cars have been sent to other railroads since these pictures were taken and are no longer on the Madison Railroad.

Click on the image to see a larger picture.


This car comes from The Netherlands.


Owned by the "Westport Terminal RR" of Germany.


A "Hobbiton & Middle Earth RR" of Netherlands.


This tank car is owned by the "Inland Dispatch RR" of Floral Park, NY.


Owned by the "Ridgewood & McLean RR" of Ridgewood, NJ.



This tanker is owned by the "Las Vegas & Pahrump RR, of Martinsville, IN.


Another "LV&P RR" freight car.


An "Inland Dispatch RR" is located in Floral Park, NY.


This blue car is owned by the "CE&W RR" now located in Peoria, AZ.


The location of this "Great Lakes & Eastern" boxcar is unknown.


The GATSME Lines club of Fort Washington, PA.


A "Ridgewood & McLean RR" car is being pulled from a siding.


This "Inland Dispatch RR" flat car and load visited.


Here a "Charleston Eagle Ridge & Wheeling RR" tanker is spotted on a siding.


From the "Anaconda Northern RR" of Chesterfield, VA.


This car comes from the "Westport Terminal RR" in Germany.


This car is owned by the "Hobbiton & Middle Earth RR" in the Netherlands.


This Biffy car comes from the "Woods Hole Northern RR" in the Netherlands.


This 40 foot boxcar comes from the "Woods Hole Northern RR" in the Netherlands.



This coil car comes from the "Charleston, Eagle Ridge & Wheeling RR" of Peoria, Arizona



This Gondola comes from the "Inland Dispatch RR" located in Floral Park, NY


More pictures will be added when they are scanned.

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