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Madison Railroad

"Long Island"


Long Island, New York as photographed from space by NASA.

Long Island the fourth largest island in the United States which stretches east into the Atlantic Ocean.  Long Island is surrounded by the "Long Island Sound" to it's North, the "Atlantic Ocean" to it's South and East while the "East River" separates Long Island from Manhattan Island on the West end. The Great South Bay seperates the south shore of Long Island and Fire Island.  South of Fire Island is the Atlantic Ocean.

Long Island is 118 miles long and 12 to 20 miles wide, covering an area of 1723 square miles and divided into two counties, Nassau County and Suffolk County is on the eastern half of Long Island.   

Travel on Long Island can be difficult at certain times.  These roadways do get congested at certain times of the day, creating traffic delays.   However, there is plenty to do and see while on Long Island. (See Long Island) .  Long Island is home to more than 2,000,000 people and a person can find whatever interests them almost in their backyard, except for large scale freight railroad service.

Freight railroading is far and few between on Long Island.  If interested in commuter rail service, the Long Island Rail Road travels at frequent intervals with on-time performance in most cases. (See Long Island Rail Road)  The Long Island Rail Road runs numerous trains into New York City from various places on Long Island and claims to be the largest commuter railroad in the country.  

However, I would like to devote this page to the various water interests that surround Long Island.

Long Island has numerous beaches, boating, fishing and water sport activities, especially during the summer months.  However, during the winter months these events tend to decrease.

The South Shore of Long Island consists of many exciting clean white sandy beaches.  There are ocean front beaches or the more subtle bayside beaches.  All of these beaches provide a relaxing atmosphere for those who desire sunbathing, swimming or just taking an early morning stroll along the waters edge while collecting sea shells.   On the North Shore, the beaches tend to consist of pebbles for the most part because of its geographic location and are equally as enjoyable as the South Shore beaches are.

Here are a few pictures that show the various enjoyable water activities on Long Island.  All of the below pictures were taken by me unless otherwise stated. 

 The Bay has many subtle beaches where a person can come for relaxation and cool breezes.  

  Click on the image to see a larger picture.  


South shore bay beaches offer fun and relaxation for young and old on clean white beach sand.  Fire Island is at the horizon.


The bay is the perfect place to learn sailing on the South shore.


Families always have fun fishing at the various docks at the bay.


A quiet time on the Connetquot River.


Here a pier was built for fishing.


More pictures will be added as I'm able to get out and photograph them.  

This page is still under construction.

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